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Herman Sutter reviews Calling the Garden from the Grave

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Enjoy Herman Sutter’s compelling review of Calling the Garden from the Grave at The Poetry Cafe. In the review, Sutter says,

“Reading Lesley Clinton’s exquisite first chapbook, I was struck by the breadth of her vision–the feeling of scope and magnitude radiating from her poems, but even more by the simultaneous intimate intensity of her focus. And I was reminded of two of the 20th century’s finest poets: Elizabeth Bishop and Jane Kenyon.  Clinton clearly walks a similar path […]”

He closes the review by urging the reader:

“Read these poems, experience the beauty of their mysterious calm, their contemplative peace and the radiance of their incredible artistry. These are poems to contemplate and to nourish the soul, but they are also poems to delight and inspire.  Open this book anywhere and you will find genuine poetry, and the voice of a great writer discovering her art.”

Herman Sutter

Herman Sutter (poet, librarian and volunteer hospital chaplain) is the author of the chapbook The World Before Grace (Wings Press) and a long-time reviewer for Library Journal. His work has appeared in: Saint Anthony Messenger, The Ekphrastic Review, tejascovido, The Langdon Review, Iris, Benedict XVI Institute, Touchstone, i.e., The English Review, The Merton Journal, blonde on blonde, as well as the anthologies: Texas Poetry Calendar (2021) & By the Light of a Neon Moon (Madville Press, 2019).   His narrative poem Constance, received the Innisfree prize for Poetry, and The World Before Grace, a poem for voices (about a survivor of the Bataan Death March), was honored by the Texas Playwrights Festival.

He is also the author of the blog The World Before Grace (and after), in which he contemplates the counter-cultural paradox of finding grace through the loss of self.

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